KeepItCute (myselfdestruct) wrote,


People are so fast at walking in this place. It’s as though the streets are made of fire. Nothing is as it should be but everything exists in a perfect place. The constant noise, the cries for help and the ecstasy of the day are all part of my walk to and from life. I do feel like a day sleeper. I exist at night and that’s where I feel so very alive. The light is sublime but why must I get up early to get a start on the day? This myth that the world only will exist at the peak hours of nine to five is absurd. I have learned a lot in the comfort of night.

I have taken many hands in the night and had meaningful talks. I have had my first kiss, the first puff of a cigarette, my first and not last heartbreak, and so many travels that it has to be magic. When I feel the wind on my face and the breeze from the ocean with only the stars, I am completely at peace. I can look into the darkness and see so much more than I see in the daylight. The daylight is misleading and will only lie to you. Once the shades are closed, that is when the truth is revealed.

I miss my innocence.

The truth is in the eye of the beholder but why must it always be true. Let’s just take a moment to believe a lie. The world will get better. My family will always enjoy great health. I will find a love that will test the sands of time. I will conquer my fears and become a better man for it and live to see my dreams for the world come to fruition.

We always need something more. What is enough? Once you start to ask the Why’s, the how’s and the many questions of existence, that is when you wake up to the hidden truth.

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